Project Name: Kalimbene Water Project
Project Location: Kangeta, Kenya
Project Type: Water
Project Code: KMK0816

Background: The Kangeta sub-site, opened in 2007, is located in Kangeta Village, Meru County. It is part of the Meru Site, which sponsors a total of 1,433 children.
Chalice Community Project - Water for the Kangeta area of KenyaIt is run by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. The mission of the Sisters is aimed towards women and children who are wounded by life's circumstances, injustices, oppression, and living on the edge of society.

Kangeta area is very dry and people (women and children) spend much of their day walking many kilometres in search of water. This lack of clean water has affected both the health of many of the locals, and livestock production in the area. This project will try and meet the water demand of a large section of Kangeta's population. The county government has already drilled a high yielding borehole with a capacity of over 25 cubic meters per hour at the government dispensary compound in Kalimbene. Little effort has been expended in trying to extend the availability to outlying rural areas. This water project involves piping of water to two main reservoir tanks from this high yielding borehole drilled by the Meru county government. The water will then be piped to three villages where our target beneficiaries live.

Project Objectives: Chalice is being requested to increase communities' access to water by paying for the piping to, and construction of, two (225m3) masonry tanks at Isilie and Mangoya villages and providing piping for water an additional four kilometres to the Rikiau area. The water source as mentioned will be a water tank that the county government has already built. A small shelter will be constructed where the distribution tap will be erected. This will provide clean, safe water for domestic use, and food and livestock production. The project will benefit at least 70 sponsored families and 930 non-sponsored families, with the potential to reach another 5,000 families with some additional work at a later date. Water will be charged at a small fee that the community can easily afford. This will take care of maintenance and operations. The Good Shepherd Sisters will oversee the project and will eventually hand over the project to the county government for continued management and maintenance. Training will be conducted by the Good Shepherd Sisters on water use and management. The total cost to Chalice for the piping and tank construction will be $44,148. The county government will contribute labour and technical expertise while the communities will contribute the land and unskilled labour.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $44,148

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