Project Name: Anna Stella School Library/Dining Hall
Project Location: Wa, Ghana
Project Type: Education
Project Code: GWY0916
Background: WA is one of Chalice's older sponsor sites in Africa and is located in northern Ghana. The area is poor and characterized by low soil fertility, erratic rainfall, poor agricultural production, and poor food storage facilities, leading to heavy post-harvest losses.
Chalice Community Project - Anna Stella School and Library, GhanaMost communities lack access to clean water and other basic necessities.

In addition to sponsorship, the Wa Sponsor Site has successfully completed several community projects over the last few years with a concentrated focus on improving access to education. They have successfully managed their sponsorship program, with over 1870 children currently sponsored. Access to educational resources at the basic level has improved, mainly due to Chalice's intervention through the building of Anna Stella School. But some children still walk a few kilometres to get to school. There is only one senior high school and no post-secondary, vocational, or university education in the area. The school has therefore contributed to infrastructural development in the region. This project is part of a larger full school complex for the district started in 2008. The project/program includes teachers' residence, classrooms, and water services.

Project Objectives: The project requests funds to construct a library and dining hall/kitchen for the pupils, teachers, and community members of Anna Stella Catholic School at Yuonuuri. It is a modern school, with modern buildings and has attracted a few well qualified teachers to the area. This project will provide the children with a clean facility for cooking and eating, as well as an educational information centre in the form of a library. Being a very rural community, the project will provide an enabling environment for effective teaching and learning, a hygienic and comfortable place for the pupils and teachers to have meals, and improved reading skills and literacy rate in the community. Finally, the facility will serve as a suitable place for members of the community to have meetings. The community has provided the land and will also contribute labourers at some points during construction. The project will promote gender equality, with no discrimination in the use of the facility. Cost of the project will be $99,295.

Upon completion, the project will be handed over to the Parent/Teacher Association and head teachers to manage and ensure regular maintenance. The community will be asked for some minimum charges when they hire the facility and the funds would be used for maintenance of the hall and to employ at least one community teacher.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $99,295.00

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