Project Name: Construct Library and Computer Lab
Project Location: St. Joseph's High School, Kenya
Project Type: Education
Project Code: KMN0115

Background: Our Meru Sponsor Site has 1500 children sponsored over three sub-sites. St. Joseph's High School is located near the Chalice Tumaini sub-site near Meru Town.
Chalice Community Projects - Construction of Library and Computer Lab, Meru, KenyaIt was started in 1988 with land donated by the community and an enrolment of 18 students. The enrolment trend for the school has been increasng steadily, due to the introduction of a day class to cater to students from very poor families and also due to improved academic performance and discipline. The school is an attempt to give these students from poor backgrounds a fair chance at being successful in gaining access to university when writing the highly competitive Kenyan entrance exams. The Headmaster at the present time is a priest and Sisters are part of the teaching staff.

In addition to nine classrooms, the school has a modern kitchen, boy's and girl's sanitation blocks and an unfinished dining hall that doubles as a multipurpose hall for the community. The dining hall was officially opened in 2013 and was sponsored by Chalice. The school's financial resources come from community contributions and a small fee from parents, which covers educational and boarding needs and staff remuneration. The school also has gardens which provide food and income from the sale of excess harvest.

The school does have some books and reading materials, but they are not easily accessible because they are locked in a small room due to the lack of a library. The students have no access to technology because they lack facilities to expose them to computers. This lack of exposure makes integration difficult at the university level for those who do get accepted for post secondary studies.

Project Objectives: This proposal is to construct a school library and a computer lab in the basement of the dining hall. Chalice is being requested to fund this amount of $74,991. The library will be equipped with text books and other reading materials, made accessible to the students at all times. The computer lab will eventually be equipped with computers accessible to students and the local community. The direct beneficiaries include 457 Chalice sponsored students, as well as 1484 non-sponsored. Young men and women will be trained after school in IT (Information Technology) at a subsidized price. While there is no direct funding, the community is going to contribute their time, labour, and security. When the building is complete, the community will partly furnish and equip the hall (top floor). The school will buy and maintain some of the equipment to use in the lab, including computers, and furnish the library.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $74,991.00

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other Community Projects/Programs.



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