Project Name: St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School/ Children's Centre - Year 3
Project Location: Kenya
Project Type: Education
Project Code: KNL0417

Background: St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School and Children's Centre began as a place where orphaned, homeless, or abandoned children were rescued from the street.
Chalice Community Project - St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School and Children's Centre, KenyaHere, they were provided with shelter, food, and a place to call home. It was started by Brother John Kennedy Oronjo, a member of the Catholic religious order known as the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga. Brother Kennedy himself was a street child and felt the call to rehabilitate these kids at risk, including orphans and vulnerable children (many of whom had migrated from rural communities) and relocate them to schools for formal education. Unfortunately, established institutions found it difficult to integrate children from the street into their classrooms, and this necessitated the formation of a school in 2010. Four years later, Brother John and his colleagues had transformed their little-used residence, owned by the Order of St. Charles Lwanga, into classrooms, a dormitory, dining hall, and a shop for teaching carpentry skills to the older teens.

Today, 270 children (some with disabilities, special needs and recovering addicts), from the dumpsites and slums of Nairobi, are enrolled in formal education and hope to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness. To date, the centre has a staffroom, modern kitchen, four classrooms, and six temporary classrooms plus a multipurpose hall under construction. The children are provided with a safe place to live, a reliable source of nutritious food, and the opportunity to gain high school education with the possibility of post-secondary education. Brother John hopes that with donations to the centre, he and his team can build a bigger school with an integrated approach to mould more children through both academic and vocational training to become responsible citizens of the world.

There is no financial support from the government and the children are unable to contribute. Some funding for the operation has been received in the form of grants from International Organizations, but the majority has been raised through smaller community groups and parishes in Canada and other parts of the world from which Brother John and his order have been able to solicit support. In 2015 Chalice entered into a partnership with a Nova Scotia Community Group called "Inverness County Cares" to provide financial support to the St. Charles Lwanga project (they had been providing support for four years). We have just completed the second year of the partnership and have confidently entered into an agreement for a third year to support annual operating costs. Chalice has committed to contribute $67,090 and ICC will raise $60,000.

Project Objectives: For this third year, the project will provide most basic amenities such as nutrition, uniforms, bedding, personal hygiene products, necessary immunizations and basic health care. The project will also facilitate education and learning by providing school fees, texts and exercise books, laboratory equipment, teaching materials, classroom resources, and school trips. Due to the drug addiction background, the project will provide funds for a rehabilitation program. In addition, there will be funds for the construction of a bathroom for the children and repairs of a classroom. A stipend for teachers will be incuded, along with wages for a social worker and other resource persons needed to work with the students to equip them with proper life skills and a good education.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $67,090.00

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