Hycenta is 50 years old and the mother of 16-year-old sponsored child Derrick in Kumbo, Cameroon.
Recent photo of Hycenta and son Derrick (inset)She is a single mother of three and comes from a very poor family, having had no opportunity to receive an education. She makes a living as a peasant farmer, producing barely enough food to sustain her family.

In late 2016 Hycenta had undergone fibroid surgery. The cost of the surgery drained all of her savings. Following the surgery the doctor discovered a lump in her breast and test results which she received in May of this year were positive for breast cancer. She has been experiencing pain and the doctor has requested a mastectomy immediately to prevent the spread of cancer to her other organs.

The cost of the mastectomy, radiation/chemotherapy, food, and follow-up treatment will be $2,312. Hycenta does not have the financial resources to cover these costs.

Our Kumbo Sponsor Site Director has come to Chalice for assistance to cover the costs.

Funding Request: $2,312.00
Critical Need: CKK0617A

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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