Sponsored child Vanessa suffers from a congenital heart disease as well as facial hemangioma.
Chalice Critical Needs - Travel costs so Vanessa can receive surgery, ChileVanessa is sponsored through our Chalice sponsor site in Arica, Chile. She has had several surgeries over the years for issues related to her heart. She has also seen a psychologist to help her deal with issues related to the hemangioma.

During one of her stays in the hospital, a CAT scan revealed that Vanessa had an aneurysm. She had to have emergency surgery, but only 80% of the aneurysm was removed. She suffers from severe headaches and now has to return to the hospital in Santiago to have the other 20% removed, along with another small aneurysm that has appeared.

Due to the complexity of the surgery, her sister Jocelyn must accompany Vanessa to Santiago to be with her following the surgery. All costs of surgery will be covered by the State. Funds for travel, accommodations and food for Vanessa and her sister are not covered.

Vanessa is 27 years old and was studying to become an assistant nursery teacher, but had to stop due to her illness - she hopes to resume once healed. Vanessa lives with her parents and three siblings and her parents work when work is available. The family barely has money to make ends meet and cannot afford these extra expenses.

Our Sponsor Site Director at Arica has requested that Chalice help Vanessa and her family with these costs.

Funding Request: $1541.00
Critical Need: CAA0717

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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