Camila is 13 years old and has had medical issues since being born cyanotic (lack of oxygen in the blood).
Chalice Critical Needs - Medical costs for Camila, ChileShe experienced cardiac arrest during her second checkup following her birth. She suffered from sleep apnea early in life and had to use a monitor until she was two years old. She attended a rehabilitation centre for children until she was five years old. She continues to experience problems with her breathing and it is affecting her emotionally (emotional apnea).

Camila's doctor in Arica (Chile) has advised that she needs bypass surgery and has arranged for it to take place in Santiago. She must be accompanied by her mother.

Airfare and hospital stay costs are covered. The family is responsible to pay for certain required medical procedures at the hospital, a four month supply of face masks to be worn post-surgery, as well as airport taxis, transportation costs in Santiago, and food costs for 35 days. The total cost of these items is $2,802. The family does not have the ability to pay for these travel and medical expenses.

Camila has applied to participate in the Chalice Sponsorship Program at Arica and is on the waitlist. Camila's mom is a single mother of five daughters and also guardian of her two sisters, aged 13 and 17 years. She provides for all of these family members by preparing and selling lunches and cakes, at best earning minimum wage when sales are good. The family does not have the ability to pay for these travel and medical expenses for Camila.

Our Chalice sponsor site director is requesting funding assistance for Camila to cover these expenses.

Funding Request: $2,802.00
Critical Need: CAA1217

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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