Ten-year-old Artem is the oldest of three children, and is sponsored through our Chalice sponsor site in Ternopil, Ukraine.
Chalice Critical Needs - sponsored child Artem needs funding for chemotherapy treatment In January of 2015, Artem was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. At that time, he had to undergo nine months of chemotherapy. He suffered a re-occurrence in September 2016 and had to undergo another course of chemotherapy and at the same time, his condition was so severe that the doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant.

The Medical Center of Child Oncology in Belarus (borders Ukraine) agreed to accept Artem for treatment and the family was forced to go abroad to find a transplant donor. A donor became available in Germany and the procedure was performed in the hospital in Belarus in May 2017. (The transplant was partially funded by the Ukrainian government.) After spending eight months in the hospital and with the leukemia finally in remission, Artem returned home. Once again, in December, the cancer returned and he had to return to the clinic in Belarus to undergo another course of chemotherapy. He needs two more rounds of chemotherapy, which will cost the family $7,990.

This tragic event has taken a tremendous toll on the family and their limited financial resources. The family has depleted all the resources that were available to them in their community, including family, neighbours, and other donors. They have no means to cover the cost of these two courses of treatment for their son.

Our sponsor site director has come to Chalice to provide the family with the resources to cover the treatments.

Funding Request: $7,990.00
Critical Need: UTT0218

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.



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