• Where do the prices come from?
    The prices shown for gift items in  the Chalice gift catalogue are based on the average costs of purchasing the items around the world. Sometimes there are necessary additional costs. A medical professional may be required to assess patients and administer medications. The price of a goat may include vaccinations and training in animal husbandry.
    Can I send something to my sponsored child or to his or her country?
    No - unfortunately, this is not possible. The goal of the Chalice gift catalogue is to help the sponsor sites obtain the items that they need most.
    Who helps decide what goes where?
    A staff committee of five ... made up of the Senior Fund Development Manager, the International Communications Officer and three International Managers, consider the requests that come in from our various sites (located in 15 different countries) and make decisions based on their individual needs.

    All our sites are monitored for quality and administrative integrity.
    How are the items in the gift catalogue chosen?
    The Chalice regional directors who live overseas choose the specific items based on need and suitability to their local culture, because they are really needed and also appropriate to the local culture.

    Horses - Ukraine needs horses to plow fields, and pull carts for transportation.

    Jiko Stove - In Africa, it's a safe way to cook and can burn any fuel from twigs to scrap paper.

    Houses - Due to constant flooding, flood resistant houses are needed in Bangladesh.

    Bees and Bee Hives - These items are needed in all areas, as they are necessary for pollination and plant growth.
    If I buy a goat, will a goat actually be provided?
    The answer is yes, within categories. A goat will be provided if there is a request for one from our sites. If not, then we will keep the money within the category and another animal will be provided that is needed by the Chalice sponsor site.
    How can I receive a catalogue?
    If you wish to receive a Chalice gift catalogue you may contact our office and one will be mailed to you.
    What is the most useful gift to buy?
    Each of the gifts in the Chalice catalogue has been identified as essential by the communities that we work with. It would be true to say that all of them are important.

    We would like to expand our health services, in particular the fight against the spread of HIV ($300).

    Every child needs a visit to a doctor or dentist ($25).

    As the price of food keeps rising, nutrition is becoming more and more important and needed ($50 - food for a family).

    Our sponsor sites also have young people who are ready to move on to higher education and our Scholarship Fund will help them prepare for meaningful careers and community leadership ($400).

    If you still cannot decide, then we have a 'most needed' section where the most immediate needs of our sponsor sites will be met.
    Is there HST or GST?
    No - this is a donation. No items will be purchased in Canada.
    Will I get a tax receipt?
    Yes - receipts are automatically issued. Your receipt for tax purposes will be sent in February of the following year. Chalice's official charitable tax number is: BN: 137591012RR0001.
    Does the donor get the tax receipt, or can it be sent to the honouree?
    Only the donor can receive the tax receipt. Tax receipts cannot be sent to the honouree. Tax receipts cannot be split between people.

    Tax receipts will not be issued to individuals as a result of group activities such as a school or parish campaign.
    Some of these items are odd. Who chose them?
    The Chalice Regional Directors who live overseas chose these specific items because they are really needed and are also appropriate to the local culture.

    Examples are:

    Horses: In Ukraine, families need horses to plow fields and pull carts for transportation.

    Jiko Stove: In Africa, it's a safe way to cook and can burn any fuel from twigs to scrap paper.

    Bees are needed everywhere. When there's no pollination, plants don't grow. Bees also provide an income.
    Why are houses and schools so cheap?
    In tropical climates, buildings don't have indoor plumbing, electrical wiring, heating systems, insulation, storm windows, multiple rooms and many other things we're accustomed to in Canada.
    What percentage of my donation goes into the gift?
    100%. Our administrative overhead is recovered from other sources.
    When will my card go out?
    Usually in the next morning's mail. We send by Canada Post only.
    Will I hear from the person who receives my gift?
    No - we don't have the administrative staff or the dollars to follow every gift. We will, however, publish stories in the Chalice newsletter that show how some of the items have made a difference to the community. Stories are also included in the next edition of the catalogue.
    Can I make purchases by automatic withdrawal?
    Yes, but we have a minimum monthly automatic withdrawal of $20.
    Can I make a purchase with a credit card?
    Credit card transactions can be accepted and the gift card will go out promptly to the person you wish to honour.
    Can I pay for my purchase with cash?
    Cash should never be sent through the mail. If someone drops into the Chalice Bedford office in person, we can accept the cash and provide a temporary receipt.
    If I can't afford the whole item, can I buy part of one, like a school?
    Not from the gift catalogue. But Chalice donors can consider paying for part of a community project. These are listed on our website, with more information available by calling 1-800-776-6855.
    How do I sponsor a child?
    The Chalice gift catalogue can be used to sponsor a child on an annual basis for $444 using a credit card.

    To sponsor a child on a monthly basis for $37, we recommend using automatic withdrawal which is much more economical than a credit card. We would be happy to arrange this for you at 1-800-776-6855.
    Can I ask you to buy an item not in the catalogue?
    No - the items in the Chalice catalogue have been carefully selected by the regional directors. A new item can be suggested and we will present the idea for future consideration. We do not participate in any joint marketing campaigns for products.
    Can I send my card anonymously?
    Yes - we'll inscribe the card in whatever way you prefer.



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