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We are delighted to share with you some of the stories from our 2016 Gift Catalogue. All of our sponsored children and families around the world are eternally grateful for your donations and wish God's abundant blessing upon you and your family! 

Last year, our sites received over 45,000 gifts because of your generosity!


In Lima, Peru many children do not have a place to study, complete homework, or store their school supplies.

Catalogue items were used to create a study corner to resolve this problem. The children are thankful to have a place to study at home.

Beckham is one of the brightest pupils in his school's district in Meru, Kenya. Since receiving a solar lantern, Beckham studies longer at night and is motivated to achieve his dreams. This solar lantern has blessed Beckham's entire family as it is also used by his mother when she is cooking and cleaning at night. Kerosene oil is expensive and emits damgerous fumes that are harmful to the environment and the respiratory system. The gift of a solar lantern enables children to study in a healthier environment and helps families save money.

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