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About Zambia

Zambia is conflict-free and home to an amazingly diverse population largely due to the fact that it shares borders with eight countries. It is in southern Africa, landlocked, and has three seasons. Copper is its key natural resource; the world's fifth largest producer. Its dependency on selling copper makes it vulnerable to depressed commodity prices. Zambia is also the first and only African country to manufacture mobile phones.

Life in Zambia

Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world with a 6.6% inflation rate. Over 64% of the nation is considered below the poverty line. Zambia is one of Africa's most urbanized countries, as a result, anything considered rural is called "the bush". Although less than 5% of the land is arable, 85% of the work force is in agriculture. Youth Unemployment Rate: 23.4% (2005). Infant Mortality: 68.58 deaths/1000 live births. Life Expectancy: 51.51 years. Literacy Rate: 61.4%.


Zambia has two levels of education: basic education, which is from levels 1 through 9, and upper secondary education, which is from levels 10 through 12. The school system is free until level 7. This is when most students drop out due to lack of funds. Though Zambia has 9 official languages, classes are taught mainly in English.

Zambia Statistics

Population: 14+ million

Currency: Zambian Kwacha

Time Zone: CAT+2, same as Ukraine

Languages: 9 official languages including English

Capital City: Lusaka

Independence Day from Great Britain: 1964

Known As: Northern Rhodesia (formerly)

Home Of: One of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls

Oceans: The closest ocean is 600 miles away

Insects: Termite hills often "grow" to be as big as a cottage

Military: Zambian military helped the allies in WW2 by fighting in Burma




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