Photo Friday: Our top 5 “littlest gift” photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our 2020 Christmas Gift Catalogue! This year, our theme, “Little Things with Great Love,” reminds us that even the smallest gesture of kindness can make a world of difference in the life of another.

This week, we’re featuring our top 5 “littlest gift” photos! These tiny gifts may be small in stature, but pack a big punch for the recipients at our sites. Take a look through this adorable collection, and see for yourself!

#5: Cuddly baby chicks

Sweet baby chicks certainly are small, but deliver a huge impact to families who receive them. Chicks are easy to raise, and quickly grow to lay eggs. Eggs are highly nutritious, and can be incorporated into families’ diets, or sold for a profit! Chicken coops are becoming a popular small business idea at many of our sites, with families collaborating to sell eggs and more chickens back into their communities.

#4: Substantial seeds

Ah, the tiny seed; but, how it will sprout into something wonderful! Seeds allow families to grow their own fruits or vegetables to be eaten or sold at market, or allow schools and communities to grow entire fields of produce for feeding programs. What an incredibly impactful gift!

#3: Bitty bees 

Itty bitty bees and beehives are producing life-changing honey for schools in need. At our sites in Africa, this gift allows students to set up small businesses selling honey within their community, with profits going back to sustain the school. They also get to keep a little bit to use in their school meals- what a sweet deal!

#2: Gift of glasses 

A small pair of glasses makes a big difference for a child with poor eyesight. When a child with vision impairment is attending school, their school performance can suffer. Often times, when children receive their new glasses through our gift catalogue, their grades improve dramatically!

#1: Hat and mittens for heat 

As we know here in Canada, a hat and pair of mittens makes a huge difference to help keep warm in the cold. Unfortunately, for struggling families living in cold climates, these winter essentials can be unaffordable. This small, simple gift keeps little fingers and ears toasty warm in the cold!

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