Project Location: Mkongo, Tanzania
Project Code: TNS1020

After seeing the significant improvement in the girls’ results after the construction of their hostel, the Neema site is preparing to construct one for the boys too.

Chalice partnered with the Sisters of Visitation Congregation of Alleppey of India in the remote district of Songea in 2008.  One of the communities under the Neema site’s care is Mkongo, a remote village that had no running water, electricity, or viable road network.  Despite these obstacles, the Sisters have established a pre- primary school, a primary school, a secondary school, and a girls’ hostel.

The secondary school that the Sisters established in Mkongo is called St Xavier’s. As with all their schools, it is a co-ed school. The congregation noticed that the female students were walking long distances to school and facing many personal security dangers to do so. The Sisters responded to this by building a girls’ hostel, providing the young women with a safe and clean environment where they can focus on their studies.

Chalice community projects - Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, Mikinduri, Kenya

But the male students were also facing similar challenges. The teachers could see that they arrived at school tired, hungry, and discouraged. This has affected their concentration and impacted negatively on their academic results. Many boys also stay away from school during the rainy season to avoid getting cold and wet on their way to school. Both their parents and the school authorities grew concerned at their decreasing grades and motivation.

After seeing the significant improvement in the girls’ results after the construction of their hostel, the Neema site is preparing to construct one for the boys too. They have designed a building with 16 bedrooms – each with two sets of double bunk beds, for a total occupancy of 64 boys. The new hostel will also have 8 bathrooms, a shower room, an infirmary and 18 individual toilet rooms.

The hostel will help 64 boys annually, including 30 Chalice sponsored children, focus on their education while living in a safe and secure environment.  A well-run hostel will keep the boys in school and give them access to proper nutrition. The boys will visit their parents on the weekends and school holidays. The hostel will also benefit 120 community members including the boys’ families, the school’s teachers and staff, and local vendors who support the Sisters’ initiatives.

The total cost for the project is $141,212.16 CAD, which includes foundations, concrete, walls, roofing, doors, windows, finishing, plumbing, electrical, a perimeter fence and labour. The Mkongo community and the congregation will contribute the land (an estimated value of $13,550), partial funding for the washroom facilities, bricks, water, furniture, and skilled and unskilled labour where applicable.

Your support for this project will help many in the Mkongo community improve their lives by providing the next generation of boys with the opportunity to achieve their academic potential, further their educations, and access more opportunities after graduation.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $141,212.16 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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