Project Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Project Code: CP BAA0422

Asociación de Síndrome de Down Cochabamba (Down Syndrome Association of Cochabamba) is a support centre for children, youth, and young adults with Down syndrome. 

Chalice community projects - Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, Mikinduri, Kenya

Thanks to sponsorship, the site provides physiotherapy, rehabilitation, vision, speech, and music therapy for the children.

Chalice has been partnering with ASDC since 2014. Since its inception as a sponsor site, the number of youths coming for services has increased more than 130%, demonstrating the high demand for these specialized therapies and programs.

Currently the ASDC has a small outdoor playing field, or sports court, as part of its facilities campus. The staff love to use it for outdoor activities, sports, games, large gatherings, and special events, especially because they have no indoor space that can accommodate all 160 + learners, their families and staff all at once.

The ASDC runs a popular program called “psychomotor day” in which they play outdoor field games and races, which serve to improve the children’s mobility while they just have fun with the wider community. The site must use the outdoor space for events and celebrations, such as World Down Syndrome Day and Christmas, and regular recreational sessions such as talent shows, Zumba workshops, dance rehearsals and youth band performances.

Not only are these types of recreational activities and events fun, the children and youth need them as therapy to improve their physical mobility, social skills and create a sense of community connection.

But with no means of protecting the sports court from the elements, the staff are constantly hindered from planning and developing programming by the weather and the limitations of their space. The children and youth miss out on opportunities to gather, interact, learn and play because there is no alternative space if there is inclement weather.

The ASDC site team have designed a project in partnership with Chalice which will construct a 200m² steel roofing structure to cover their current sports court. They will also renovate the washrooms adjacent to it to make the space more accommodating to gatherings of the wider ASDC community. This will achieve the site’s objective of providing a reliable and suitable venue for physical, sports, leisure, and socialization activities and events.

The cost of the construction of the roof and renovation to the washrooms is $41,866.09 CAD. This budget includes all equipment and machinery, labour, materials and the professional, logistical and administrative expenses of the contractor. Your support for this project will contribute to the healthy and active lifestyles of 654 youth and their family members, including 162 sponsored children.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $41,866.09 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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