Project location: Wa sponsor site, Ghana
Project type: Water
Project Code: GWW0819

Background: Wa sponsor site was founded in 1997. The site's vision is to aid the community to become a self-reliant, literate society by helping families develop, identify and explore income opportunities.

Chalice community projects - Borehole wells for 5 communities, GhanaThe site is registered as an NGO working to support families to be able to access quality education, health care, satisfy their spiritual and nutritional needs and support the development of their communities to reduce the effects of poverty. The site has built a strong relationship with the needy by helping them identify and develop their potential. Sponsored families are supported with Chalice funds to support their basic needs and start small businesses that will lead to self-sufficiency. Thus the site works closely with communities to initiate self-help projects that enhance the quality of their lives.

Water access and quality in many communities surrounding the Wa site is poor. Despite efforts made by the government to provide potable water, there is still a lot of need. Most people still draw water from streams and dams for domestic use. Many villages have access to only one borehole well which increases the struggle for women and children. We expect the project to increase accessibility of water for domestic use, which will reduce walking distances for water fetching, thus providing women with more time for other household and development activities. Children will also get more time to study and play.

Project Objective: The project will help 8,000 people by drilling borehole wells in five communities - Vieri, Gurungu, Chogsia, Dolinguo and Tambaare. The project will form water management committees in these communities to support the management and maintenance of the boreholes, and to instill the sense of ownership in the communities. The committee will be provided with training and maintenance tools to maintain and repair the boreholes for sustainability.

The goal of this project is to provide sufficient and good quality water for domestic and economic activities to improve the health, social and economic livelihoods of the five communities. Specifically, the project will achieve the following objectives:
  • Increase the accessibililty of potable water for domestic and economic use
  • Increase supply of water and improve the health and sanitation for people in the communities
  • Reduce time spent fetching water from rivers far from homes
  • Increase productivity in farms
  • Increase access to water for livestock production
  • Help to eliminate water borne disease.
Budget in Canadian Funds: $37,916.68

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