Project Location: Pochaiv, Ukraine
Project Type: Education - Community Improvement
Project Code: UPP0620A

Background: Pochaiv sponsor site was established in 1999 and consists of 1900 children split among three sub sites.

UPP0620AlargeThe site supports children in both large urban centres and small rural villages where many of the families survive on small scall agriculture with limited resources.

Chalice is partnering with ISCA (International Sustainable Community Assistance - an incorporated not-for-profit organization that creates opportunities for communities in need by helping them build sustainable agriculture systems), to help rural families of Pochaiv by creating enhanced livelihood opportunities in dairy farming.

Phase one ($49,739.29) has been completed. Twenty families were selected for participation in the project.

Phase one was a success with far more achievements than setbacks:

  • 10 trainings
  • Ultrasound diagnostics made for each cow
  • Milk testing of six cows
  • Milk quality was raised (proteins, fats, number of somatic cells, rate of the balanced feeding level) from 27.7% up to 62.7%
  • Grants for care of cows were transferred to participants
  • Cosmetic renovation of cow stalls
  • A starter pack of the most necessary materials and equipment was provided to each participant.
  • The number of participants reduced from 20 to 16 due to financial and economical incapability to feed the cows and take care of them. The site opted not to replace those families for Phase two in order to keep all the co-op members at the same level of training.

Project Objectives: Phase two of this project will last 12 months and continue with the 16 families from Phase one. This phase will focus on skill development by teaching families the best practices for cow care, providing skills in forage growing and cattle insemination and demonstrating how to provide treatment to cows at home. A beneficiary-controlled dairy cooperative will be registered, incorporating all participating families. Mechanical tools to cultivate agricultural land will also be provided and a milk collection tank will be purchased and installed on one of the beneficiary farms (farm selected by cooperative based on agreed criteria).

One of the successes of the program will be in demonstration to other families and the community as a whole; the example of effective cooperative farming and how it enhances a family income and stability for the future.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $44,858.00

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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