Project Location: Pochaiv, Ukrane
Project Type: Health
Project Code: UPP0321

Background: Chalice has been working in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Volyn regions of Ukraine since 1999.

Sponsored children live with their families in either dorm-style factory apartments in cities and towns or in rural family homes with small farms. There are very few jobs available in Ukraine, and available work pays low wages, even for positions requiring a professional degree. Prior to the pandemic, many parents entrusted their children to live with relatives while they sought work outside the country. But international border closures have eliminated that option. Families are living under significant stress, and alcohol products are advertised on television and social media, appearing attractive to young viewers.

Chalice community projects - Youth addiction centre renovation and one-year therapy programThe Pochaiv site has partnered with a local community centre called the St. John Bosco Christian Youth Centre and the nearby church to uplift youth who are struggling with addiction in the community of Ivano-Frankivsk. Through this Chalice project, they will renovate a portion of the youth centre in to an addictions facility where professionals can conduct therapies and activities with both teens and parents. This project will also purchase the necessary learning materials, furniture, and equipment. Through Chalice's support, the site will employ the facilitators for the inaugural year of the program.

The centre's objective is to offer holistic treatment, encompassing psychological, spiritual, physical, and social health. Every week, teens will have two 45-minute sessions with the psychologist. One weekly session will be in a group of 10 and the other will be individual therapy. Parents will meet weekly in groups of 10. The site also plans a few field trips, including to a swimming pool, a theatre, and a monastery. All activities will follow public health guidelines for COVID-19, as they evolve.

The initiative will strengthen both the youth and their parents, equipping them to move forward together. The youth will learn about their addiction and tools to overcome it, growing in self-confidence and resilience. Parents will learn how to support their teen through the journey. Both groups will learn to communicate and have difficult conversations that are constructive and caring.

Through this project, the Pochaiv site will establish and provide the support staff for the program for the first year, and then the local church has committed to continuing it thereafter. The centre will always be made available to youth sponsored through the site.

The renovations, learning materials, and sports equipment, as well as the compensation for the facilitators, bring the total cost of the project to $39,400 CAD. The renovations encompass repairing the walls, ceiling, lighting, and washroom facilities. Their rehabilitation room will have a running track, fitness bike, and climbing wall. Through their hard work, they will bring hope to 140 sponsored teens struggling with addiction, and through them, reach 280 of their family members. In addition, our sponsor site also anticipates that at least 100 non-sponsored members of the community will have their lives touched by the light of hope shining from this new critical resource.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $39,400 CAD

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