Eliana is nine years old and came with her mother, Yamilka, to live near our Arica sponsor site five months ago. Yamilka, a single mother, came with her two children from Venezuela in search of a better life for her family.

Chalice critical needs - Glasses and school supplies for Eliana, Arica, ChileThree years ago, an opthalmologist diagnosed Eliana with myopia and she needs to wear glasses daily. As the family migrated into Chile, Eliana's glasses broke. In-person classes are set to resume in March in Chile, and if Eliana attends without new glasses, she will not be able to follow the lessons or study well.

Yamilka has been working hard to earn an income to support her children in her new home. She does housecleaning through the week, and cares for elders on the weekends, but this is casual work only. The pandemic has closed many retail and restaurant businesses which would have been ideal jobs for her.

The family's financial situation is precarious, and Yamilka cannot afford to replace Eliana's glasses, which would come to approximately $250 CAD, or to buy the school supplies she needs to begin classes in her new school. Therefore, the Arica site staff have put forward a request to support Eliana with these needs so that she can begin her studies with the confidence that she can succeed and reach her full potential.

Funding Request: $318.77 CAD
Critical Need: CAA0222

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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