Olga, a 50-year-old single mother in our Luís Amigo Sponsor Site, has suffered a stroke.

Chalice Critical Needs - Medical Expenses for Olga, GuatemalaOn March 12, Olga, the mother of our Chalice sponsor site accountant, Carlos, was struck by pain in her left arm and a headache. She brushed it off and continued with her day. As the day passed, however, the pain became intense and unbearable and she began to feel paralysis in her right arm and leg, as well as her tongue, making it difficult to speak.

Tragically, Olga learned she had suffered a stroke, causing immobility of her right arm and leg, and affecting her speech. Her blood pressure was also very high, putting her at risk for a heart attack. Olga had previously been diagnosed with high blood pressure, which was never treated due to lack of financial resources, and she is also diabetic.

Thankfully, Olga is now recovering at home, being cared for by her children, as she needs help to perform even the smallest of personal tasks due to her paralysis. They have contributed all they can towards the medical expenses, but the amount owed greatly exceeds their ability to pay. The outstanding balance of Olga's medical care is $3,100.

Funding Request: $3,100.00
Critical Need: GLC0319

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Critical Need emergencies that may arise.
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