Funding Request: $10,264.32 CAD

Critical Need: CNITK0524

Dominic was diagnosed with blood cancer in June 2023. Since then, he's undergone chemotherapy and a stem cell transfusion from his father.

Dominic’s leukemia treatment, Tamil, India

Dominic is the youngest of four siblings, living with his father, Robert and his mother, Arockia. Dominic is in grade nine. His sister, Lesly, was sponsored through Chalice’s Tamil sponsor site, and is now a high school teacher.

Dominic's health crisis began in June 2023. He was initially admitted to the hospital with a high fever but did not respond to treatment. He was transferred to a second hospital, where he was diagnosed with blood cancer.

Dominic underwent a 38-day chemotherapy regimen and showed signs of improvement, leading to his discharge in August. But despite ongoing medication, his health deteriorated, and he returned to the hospital after a month. After a few weeks, he was once again discharged, unimproved, and his condition continued to decline. 

A month later, they tried a new hospital. After evaluating his medical history, specialists recommended stem cell transplantation. Although his sibling's human leukocyte antigen (HLA) did not match, his father Robert’s HLA was compatible, making him the donor for the procedure. Both Dominic and Robert underwent the transplantation successfully over five days. 

Dominic was discharged and is currently recuperating under medication. 

But his many months of treatment and multiple extended inpatient stays has created bills of $10,264.32 CAD. Dominic’s parents rely on Robert’s humble wages as a cook; these bills are ten years’ worth of Lesly’s teaching income.

His mother, Arockia, mentioned her circumstances to her Chalice family circle members, who encouraged her to ask for critical needs assistance. She brought the bills and medical documents to the Tamil site office. 

Upon reviewing them, and understanding the family’s financial crisis, the Tamil site put forward their request. These funds will cover Dominic’s medicine, oncology, pharmacy, blood bank, doctors' fees, establishment charges, stem cell apheresis, ward charges, biochemistry, hematology, microbiology and x-rays. It also covers Robert’s hematology and Stem Cell Enumeration test. 

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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