Marcelo, 10, from our Santiago sponsor site in Chile, suffered a terrible accident in September. 

Chalice critical needs - medical treatment for Marcelo, ChileMarcelo lives with his mother and his brother in a rented room in a building in which bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared by 15 families. As part of his daily routine, Marcelo heats water in a kettle in the kitchen and empties it into a bucket to bathe himeself in the bathroom. Tragically, Marcelo missed the bucket and accidentally poured the boiling water on his foot.

By the time his mother was able to get his shoe and sock off, Marcelo's foot had suffered terrible burns. His mother tried to treat him at home, but his pain was unbearable so she took him to a nearby health center where they treated him and sent him home. After several days of severe  pain, Marcelo's mother took him to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. At this point his foot was severely infected and there were fears it might need to be amputated. After several days of cleanings and various treatments, the doctor decided to do a skin graft and skin was removed from his head and used to cover the wound. Over the course of a month the doctors were able to treat his infections and save his foot, and he was finally discharged to further recover at home.

His recovery at home will be long; he must have strict rest, not wear shoes, and he cannot attend school for a year. While at home, he needs to attend weekly medical appointments to ensure his wound heals properly.

Marcelo's mother is the only wage earner in the family and she has not been able to work because she needs to be home caring for Marcelo as well as his brother, who is also recovering from an injury. The sponsor site has asked Chalice for $3,750 to cover the cost of Marcelo's medications, ongoing medical care, transportation costs for his ongoing medical appointments, and rent and food for the family for six months while his mother cares for him at home.

Funding Request: $3,750.00
Critical Need: CSS1219B

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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