Most Will bequests will be used for Chalice's most urgent needs, but you can direct your bequest towards a particular purpose or program. You can also request that the principal of your charitable bequest be held in an endowment, or establish an endowment in your name or in the name of a loved one. You should discuss your options with Chalice to ensure that your wishes can be met, and that your Will bequest provision is properly worded.

It is important to remember when writing a bequest gift in your Will to avoid directing the gift to a specific individual or need (i.e., your sponsored child, AIDS medication) or activity (i.e., building houses). A gift to a specific individual is considered private benevolence, and does not qualify for a charitable tax receipt as it does not meet the Canada Revenue Agency's definition of 'gift'. More general language allows Chalice the flexibility to use your gift in many different ways should the needs of our Sponsor Sites change over time.
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