Fatima is 16 years old and is sponsored out of our Chalice sponsor site in Ayolas, Paraguay.

Tukov is 33 years old and is the elder sister of two of our sponsored children at the Chalice Kumbo (Cameroon) Sponsor Site.

The social and economic crisis in Venezuela has made life very difficult (and for some impossible) to survive in that country.

Heavy rains in the months of March and April have damaged or destroyed homes in the Kalahari and Migandini slums of Mombasa (Kenya).

Jude is nine years old and one of five children of elderly parents. His sister Monica is sponsored through our site in Kumbo.

Ancy is 48 years old and the mother of three boys including 16-year-old Albin who is sponsored through the Chalice Kerala Site.

Yuvraj is the brother-in-law of one of the Chalice staff at the Liaison Office. He recently had high blood pressure and swollen legs.



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