Yes. Gifts such as colourful books of Canada, scenic postcards or maps, family photos or school supplies are wonderful ice-breakers when you first meet your Chalice sponsored child. Practical gifts for the family like clothing, hygiene items or cooking utensils are also appropriate and could be purchased in country prior to your visit or between the initial meeting and visiting the home of your sponsored child (if applicable). When selecting gifts, please be sensitive to your sponsored child's lack of possessions and remember that siblings and/or other children in the community will likely be gathered around as well.

It is important not to make promises to your sponsored child to provide additional help. Following your visit you will have the opportunity to discuss with the Sponsor Site how you may continue to help. Please do not give money directly to your sponsored child, family or community members. If you would like to assist in meeting additional needs of the child, family and/or Sponsor Site your Sponsor Representative can explain how to give special money or grant donations before you go or when you get home. In order to protect your privacy, sharing personal contact information about where you live is discouraged.

Sponsor visits are life changing and have a lasting impact on all involved! Chalice seeks to ensure that every effort is made such that the sponsor and the child are given every opportunity to strengthen their relationship and gain a greater appreciation for each other.
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