Celebrate “World Literacy Day” by helping Chalice reduce the 91 to 1 pupil teacher ratio in the Upper West Region of Ghana.
We have spent 3 busy days at the local school and dispensary providing medical assessments and services ... Keep informed: Read the TANCAN blog.
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Chalice critical needs funding steps in to ensure childrens nourishment
The Chalice Sponsor Site in Samar is holding strong in the wake of Typhoon Glenda that swept through the region
The students learn how to plant and grow crops and pass on that information to their parents
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Chalice receives highest grade in International Aid and Development Category

Jasmin's Heart is Repaired Thanks to Chalice Critical Needs

Chalice Critical Needs responded to Jasmin and her family when they were in need of funding for Jasmin's heart surgery. A single donor stepped forward and provided all the funding they would need.

Jasmin and her family are eternally grateful to Chalice and the donor who helped them in their time of need.

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