The prices shown for gift items in  the Chalice gift catalogue are based on the average costs of purchasing the items around the world. Sometimes there are necessary additional costs. A medical professional may be required to assess patients and administer medications. The price of a goat may include vaccinations and training in animal husbandry.
No - unfortunately, this is not possible. The goal of the Chalice gift catalogue is to help the sponsor sites obtain the items that they need most.
A staff committee of five ... made up of the Senior Fund Development Manager, the International Communications Officer and three International Managers, consider the requests that come in from our various sites (located in 15 different countries) and make decisions based on their individual needs.

All our sites are monitored for quality and administrative integrity.
The Chalice regional directors who live overseas choose the specific items based on need and suitability to their local culture, because they are really needed and also appropriate to the local culture.

Horses - Ukraine needs horses to plow fields, and pull carts for transportation.

Jiko Stove - In Africa, it's a safe way to cook and can burn any fuel from twigs to scrap paper.

Houses - Due to constant flooding, flood resistant houses are needed in Bangladesh.

Bees and Bee Hives - These items are needed in all areas, as they are necessary for pollination and plant growth.
The answer is yes, within categories. A goat will be provided if there is a request for one from our sites. If not, then we will keep the money within the category and another animal will be provided that is needed by the Chalice sponsor site.



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