Project Location: Ternopil, Ukraine
Project Type: Comm. Development
Project Code: UTT0619

Background: Opened in 1998, the Ternopil Site is administered by World of Children Foundation, with Luba Tsytsyk as Director.

Project Location: Cañete, Peru
Project Type: Community Improvement
Project Code: PCA1018

Background: The Cañete Sponsor Site has been under the management of the Sisters of Santa Ana since 2008.

Project Location: Mercy Care, Kenya
Project Type: Education
Project Code: KMK1218

Background: The Chalice Mercy Care Sponsor Site was started in 2006 by the Franciscan Clarist Congregation Missionary Sisters from India.

Project Location: Pochaiv Sponsor Site area, Ukraine
Project Type: Education - Community Improvement
Project Code: UPP1218

Background: Pochaiv Sponsor Site was established in 1999. 

KTR0917aProject Location: Various sites
Project Type: Education, Nutrition, Comm. Dev.
Project Code: KTR0917

Background: Kenya and Tanzania are agricultural-based economies. 

Chalice Community Projects - Skills at Chalice, IndiaProject Location: Various sites, India
Project Type: Education
Project Code: IRR1217

Background: In India, consistent economic growth has resulted in an increase in job opportunities.

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