Chalice sponsorship focuses on nurturing the special relationship between a sponsor and their sponsored friend. Chalice recognizes that when given the support and encouragement caregivers will make good decisions that benefit their family. They will set their children up for success by making sure they go to school, eat nutritious meals, and receive proper medical care. We also know that the best people to decide what a community needs to thrive are those who live there.

Chalice uses a family funding model to dispense sponsorship funds. Each parent or guardian opens a bank account and receives training in basic financial literacy to help them manage their child's sponsorship funds. It is mandatory for parents to join a family group which helps members manage their funds. Each family group is made up of 20 parents or guardians who gather each month to submit a budget for what they need and at the next meeting, receipts are submitted to ensure the money was spent where it was intended. The members of our family groups are accountable to one another and support each other on their common social issues and problems.

The goal of family funding is to encourage self-reliance while generating greater participation of parents in their children's education. Parents learn to be leaders in their community and advocate for the needs of their children. Group members also contribute a small amount to group savings, which is distributed as a loan for education or income generation projects.

How We Did in Fiscal Year 2016-2017


Thanks to our generous supporters, 3,422 new sponsorships were gained this year.


33,441 children received at least one nutritious meal each day.

Skills Development

38,101 people accessed opportunities for skills development.

Gift Catalogue

$1,287,184 was provided by our supporters to purchase gifts for struggling families.

Health Care

100% of sponsored children had access to health care.

Critical Needs

$139,715 was received to help meet 39 critical needs emergencies.


99.7% of sponsored children are in school and getting a good education.

Community Projects

153 water projects, 401 houses; 34 schools built or repaired.

Disaster Relief

contributions received to help communities rebuild: $782,791.



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When you sponsor a child with Chalice, you provide ... educational support, including school materials, books and fees. Sponsorship also provides children with improved nutritional intake, medical care, clothing and footwear, and other basic necessities.

Sponsor with Chalice today, and see the difference $37 a month can make in a child's life.

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