Location: San Vicente de Cañete
Project Code: HDP PCS0622

Chalice has been partnering with the Sisters of Santa Ana to run our Cañete sponsor site since 2008. The site staff work with sponsored children and sponsored elderly.

Chalice Human Development Projects - Chalice Children Nutrition, Cañete, PeruThe site runs the Santa Ana soup kitchen, attended daily by children, teens, and adults. The staff know that many households struggle with food insecurity and the signs of malnutrition and anemia are present in their guests.

This is the ninth year the Cañete site will run their daily nutrition program, supported by Chalice. They anticipate that they will prepare and serve more than 2900 nutritious and balanced lunches this year. In addition to the daily meals program, the site will identify and work with children and adults to resolve nutrition problems, as well as conduct hemoglobin screenings, parasite tests and treatment, and anemia treatment.

The staff will also work with the parents, educating them on topics related to nutrition and motivate them to make lasting changes in their homes. These sessions will include hands-on workshops, helpful guidance in understanding nutrtional values, food safety, and personal hygiene/disease prevention.

This program will help 182 people this year, including 42 sponsored children. Participants who are not part of Chalice sponsorship are selected for one of three reasons: the children are left home alone all day because their parents do agricultural work; the children's parents do not have stable work opportunities; elderly community members are alone and are food insecure.

The total budget for the year-long program is $21,990.84 CAD, which includes all the food, such as 1186 kg of beef, chicken, and fish; 175 dairy products; 770 cereals, and almost 2500 fruits and vegetables. It also includes 10 months of nutritional health support and training, cleaning materials, and everything needed to keep staff and beneficiaries safe from COVID-19.

Your support will help 182 children, teens, and families understand and address their challenges with nutrition, find paths to recovery, and build stronger, better-nourished futures in their homes.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $21,990.84 CAD
Project Code: HDP PCS0622

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