Sudheer is 14 years old and lives with his mother, Shanthi, and is sponsored through our Mangalagiri site in India. One day, he fell ill with a fever that did not lift after several days.

Vijaya is 11 years old and in grade seven. He lives with his mother and older brother Ragavan. The boys lost their father, and so their mother is grateful that a Chalice sponsor helps her afford Vijaya's education and nutrition expenses.

Baskar is 11 years old and lives with his mother and sister, Pavalakodi. He lost his father, and so his mother is grateful that both Baskar and Pavalakodi have the extra financial support of Chalice sponsors.

Mani is the proud father of two, including Arockiyanathan, a sponsored child through our Bangalore site. Mani is 59 years old and works as a daily wage worker, as does his wife.

Shiny is in grade six and is blessed to have a Chalice sponsor through our Bangalore site in India. Early this summer, 11-year-old Shiny went to her parents saying she had abdominal pain, and she was vomiting.

Marian is eight years old and lives with his family and is blessed with a Chalice sponsor through our Lviv site in Ukraine.

Noreen is 40 years old and a mother of three young children, two of whom are sponsored: Robin and Romeo.

Santhosh is 15 years old and studying in grade 10 through support of a Chalice sponsor and the Tamil site. 

Arockiyaalexander is a cook and a father of three in our Tamil sponsor site. He has not been able to go to work since July, because of severe hip pain.

Jesimary is a hard-working mother of two adult children who have disabilities. She started having severe pain in the right side of her stomach in mid-August.

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