Chalice has partnered with the Centro Esperanza (Hope Centre) to run our Chiclayo sponsor site since 2004. Since 2019, the Centro has been working with a steady influx of migrants fleeing the economic and social crisis in Venezuela.

PCC1221large With the support of generous donors, Chalice has offered funds twice in the intervening time to help settle and support these highly vulnerable families. Your support helped the Chiclayo site staff to provide health care, food, housing, immigration administration costs and urgent needs. Thanks to Chalice supporters, the site implemented four soup kitchens that are still operating. The kitchens serve migrants and Peruvian families, making them both places of nutrition and much-needed socialization.

For most residents, Chiclayo is a place of transition and waiting until they continue their journey - making the temporary shelter and soup kitchens most vital. But for those who stay it is health care, employment opportunities, housing and food security that are most urgently needed while they establish their new lives. For many families, the threat of eviction looms constantly, which is especially stressful for pregnant mothers, young families, and the elderly. Securing proper immigration paperwork is likewise crucial, so that adults can find formal employment and stabilize their financial situation.

In the face of the continuing arrivals of Venezuelan migrants, the Chiclayo sponsor site has requested assistance from Chalice and our supporters to provide them with these most basic start-up necessities. This project will serve 1,227 migrants directly, and another 2,148 of their peers will also benefit from these programs.

The Centro Esperanza staff, in coordination with two local partner organizations, will conduct this relief effort. They will triage the families and individuals at greatest risk and identify their specific needs. The site staff have anticipated the needs they will support as:

  • 59 medical consultations and 50 people supported with medication and supplemented food
  • 10 surgeries or hospitalizaitons
  • two instances of fatalities requiring funeral or burial expenses
  • Support for the rent for 61 families for two months
  • Provide 30 families with mattresses, beds, and blankets
  • Provide 10 families with a gas-powered stove
  • Support 80 people through their necessary immigration paperwork
  • Provide 250 food hampers for families who are food insecure
  • Continue to support five soup kitchens with food supplies and fuel for their cooking stoves (benefitting 300 people)
  • Provide site and partner workers with PPE and disinfecting supplies.

The predicted cost to serve these 1,227 highly vulnerable people is $49,327.40 CAD. Your support will mean a chance of stability, hope and recovery for families who have experienced unimaginable upheaval and treacherous journeys to find a new, safe home for their loved ones.

Funding Request: $49,327.40 CAD
Disaster Fund: PCC1221

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other disaster emergencies that may arise.
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