Durga Devi is 21 years old and grew up with parents and two older siblings. Durga was born with an intellectual disability.

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses for Durga Devi, Madurai, IndiaShe has access to specialized education at Holy Cross School, run by the Sisters who also run Chalice's Madurai sponsor site. Her father is the sole breadwinner of the family, working as a fisherman. The family is also grateful for Durga Devi's Chalice sponsor.

In late 2021, Durga Devi had a sudden stomach ache. Her parents took her to the nearby clinic, where the doctor gave her a treatment that eased the discomfort, but the pain returned the next day. The family took her to a different clinic, where the doctor ordered a CT scan. It revealed a large lesion (cyst) in Durga Devi's pouch of Douglas, a small area near a woman's uterus. He recommended surgery.

She underwent a successful cyst removal operation and was discharged after two days. She followed the schedule of medicines prescribed and is now healthy and eating normally.

While her parents are relieved that she has recovered and is doing well, her hospitalization and medicine bills came to $1,095.00 CAD, much more than her father can provide with his humble income. The Madurai sponsor site staff have therefore put forward a request to cover Durga Devi's medical bills.

Funding Request: $1,095.00
Critical Need: IMH0222C

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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