Roman and his family are grateful to have survived a rocket explosion in their village. The family of four lives in a region that is less than 100 km from the border with Belarus.

UPP0822large1One day in July, Roman's father and older brother went out to work, leaving Roman home with his mother. Overhead, Ukrainian forces shot down two Russian drones that had come into their airspace, and the debris and rockets from the drones fell on Roman's village, causing explosions and blast waves.

Roman and his mother were unharmed, but their four-roomed house sustained significant damage. The ceilings and slate roof crumbled, the walls cracked, and shattered windows sit in broken frames.

Roman's family does not have the financial means to do these essentialr repairs. His father relies on seasonal work and his mother focuses on feeding the family with her garden. They are grateful that a Chalice sponsor is supporting Roman with his studies.

The Pochaiv sponsor site has reviewed the official inspection report prepared by village authorities and has prepared a budget for the construction materials they need to carry out the repairsUPP0822large2 for Roman's house.

The work plan encompasses replastering the ceiling, installing new plinths and windows, puttying the walls, and repainting their floors. The total budget for the renovations is $3,488.75 CAD.

Sponsored parents from Pochaiv Chalice family circles and neighbors who have experience in carrying out repair work have volunteered to help with the labour.

Funding Request: $3,488.75 CAD
Critical Need: CN UPP0822

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.


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