Vansanth is in grade one and lives with his parents and grandparents. He needed abdominal surgery to relieve his chronic pain.


Vansanth was born with a cognitive/developmental disability and could not express to his parents the nature of his pain. His mother, Lalitha, understood that her son was having stomach-aches, and after two days of no relief, she took him to the hospital. The doctors ran scans and determined that Vansanth had a birth defect that needed surgical correction. Lalitha, the sole breadwinner for her family, knew the cost of the surgery was beyond her means, but it was urgent to relieve her son’s abdominal pain.

Vansanth is blessed with a Chalice sponsor through the Mangalagiri site. The site staff learned of the situation and has put forward a request for financial assistance for the surgery on the family’s behalf. The total budget is $528.06 CAD, which includes Vansanth’s hospitalization, surgery, medicine, and travel costs.

Funding Request: $528.06 CAD
Critical Need: CN IMG0822B

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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