Jenny is a caring and loving mother to her ten children. Jenny is currently intubated in the ICU. Jenny, 48, observed that her eyes had taken a yellowish color last December.


She immediately consulted a doctor, who ran some tests and referred her to Manila for further testing. Jenny and her daughter made the long trip to the capital city. There, the doctors diagnosed her with hepatomegaly (an enlarged liver) and tuberculosis of the liver. The doctors prepared Jenny with the medications she needed and permitted her to go home to Samar for her treatment.

She seemed to manage well for a while and went back to being an active mom and member of her Chalice family circle, through the sponsorship of her son Miguel.

 In July, she was rushed to the hospital with nausea, bleeding and breathing difficulties. The doctors determined that her liver was still enlarged (fatty liver), she had a kidney stone and gallbladder stones, as well as the pre-existing tuberculosis. She needed to be intubated and is receiving care in the ICU.

As of the end of August, Jenny was still hospitalized. Her faith-filled family offer prayers for her and hope for a full recovery. Two of her adult children have come to stay with her throughout her hospitalization, as well as find ways to support her family in her absence. Her husband, a carpenter, is not able to spend time away from her to work.

The Samar sponsor site is therefore requesting assistance on behalf of Miguel’s mother and his family. They have requested $587.22 CAD to cover Jenny’s medicine, lab tests, consultations, scans, follow-ups, a glucometer, and transportation costs.

Funding Request: $587.22
Critical Need: CN PSS0822

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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