Andriy is a 17-year-old student and big brother to Vasyl. He has been living with a life-threatening heart condition since he was born. 

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses for Andriy, Ternopil, UkraineBorn to Lyubov and Ivan, both long-serving staff members of the Chalice Ternopil sponsor site, Andriy's heart troubles were diagnosed in his infancy.Andriy underwent his first heart surgery at four months old.

He recovered well and grew up normally, attending biannual check-ups to monitor his condition. When he was seven, a new condition appeared: an aortic valve defect and a subaortic stenosis (narrowing of the area under the aortic valve which obstructs blood flow to the heart). Blood flows backwards into the left heart ventricle, causing great strain. He underwent his second open-heart surgery when he was 12.

At that time, 2016, Andriy's cardiac surgeons forecasted that he would need an aortic valve replacement in five to six years. So, when Andriy had an ultrasound in June 2022, his cardiologist was prepared for what she saw. His aortic valve insufficiency was progressing and pronounced and has become life-threatening. She rcommended Andriy be examined by a specialist in a children's cardiosurgical clinic and plan for another operation.

Because of the hostilities with Russia, it is currently very risky to undertake these major operations in Ukrainian hospitals. His doctors urged Ivan and Lyubov to take Andriy to a highly respected chidren's hospital in Rome. The family has contacted the Italian clinic, and Andriy is scheduled for surgery in early October.

Ivan will accompany Andriy to Rome and will stay at a hostel nearby for the duration. The cardiology team will admit Andriy for examination and consultation and plan the aortic valve replacement surgery they will undertake. Ivan and Andriy anticipate staying in Rome for two weeks or longer, depending on the result of the surgery.

The Ternopil sponsor site team have been serving alongside their colleagues Lyubov and Ivan since 1999 - seeing Andriy grow up and all the obstacles the family has overcome so far. They know that Ivan also supports his elderly parents, who need medication. The family is not in the position to cover the required expenses of Andriy's surgery, and so the Ternopil staff have put forward a request to support them.

The total budget is $3,112.84 CAD. The budget covers Andriy's consultation, examination and other hospital fees, the air and bus fares, as well as 20 days' worth of food and accommodations.

Funding Request: $3,112.84 CAD
Critical Need: CN UTT0922

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