Mary is a 75-year-old grandmother who lives in the farthest end of her forested village. She shares her home with her daughter-in-law and her grandson, Mitchell.

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses for Mary, Asembo, KenyaA Chalice sponsor supports Mitchell through the Asembo site.

Every morning, Mary grazes her goats around her homestead and waters them before she takes them to a field to graze. One day, she went to the field to tether the goats and she accidentally slid down and hurt her leg. Her neighbors rushed her to a trusted traditional healer, who gave her herbal medication. Mary's village lacks other healthcare resources.

Mary's leg continued to swell, and and her pain increased. Her knee is injured and after a few weeks, she could not bear weight on it or walk. On a routine home visit for Mitchell, Chalice site workers met Mary and realized the severity of her situation. Three weeks had passed since her fall, and the site workers could see that her leg was not going to heal properly on its own. The site's nutritionist took her to a public health dispensary, where she was referred to the orthopaedic clinic. The specialist recommended urgent surgery to correct the fractured femur. They feared that, without the surgery, Mary would be permanently immobilized.

As a widow who lost seven adult children, Mary relies on her daughter-in-law's income as a laundress. Mary also occasionally sells one of her goats. But Mary's surgery, physiotherapy, clinic follow-ups and procedures will cost $5,389.69 CAD, which is beyond the family capability. The Asembo site therefore requested support so that she can access the necessary treatment and regain her health and mobility.

The funds will cover Mary's surgical fees, medical implants, consultations, physiotherapy, six follow-ups, and nutritional supplements and grocery support for her recovery.

The Asembo site's long-term plan for Mary includes weekly physiotherapy and follow-ups with the nutritionist. A social work team will provide Mary with both psychosocial support and medical/nutrition counselling.

Funding Request: $5,389.69. CAD
Critical Need: CN KAA0722

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