Zoia is the grandmother of Kostiantyn, a Chalice-sponsored young man in our Pochaiv site. Zoia is a patient with stage IV breast cancer, and her family is struggling to afford the cost of her palliative care.

Chalice critical needs - Palliative care expenses for Zoia, Pochaiv, UkraineZoia's cancer progressed quickly, and she needed full-time care. Her daughter is Oksana, who is Kostiantyn's mother. Oksana left her job in sales to be her caregiver. Oksana's husband was not able to work in the same period. The family lacked funds for the essentials. The highest-cost items were Zoia's medication, and the hygiene supplies she needs to keep safe and comfortable while she is bedridden, such as incontinence products and special soaps. Zoia's doctors also prescribed a high-protein diet, which Oksana cannot afford to provide.

Zoia was switched to a medication that is government-funded, but the Pochaiv sponsor site is putting a forward a request to assist thUPP0922large2e family with the other costs. They have composed a budget of $3,075.30 CAD, which covers six months of food supplements (for high protein food as per Zoia's medical prescription), hygiene products for six months, and one semester of Kostiantyn's school fees. The budget will also help Oksana pay off some ot the debt she incurred trying to afford her mother's care and treatment to date.

Funding Request: $3,075.30 CAD
Critical Need: CN UPP0922

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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