Fabiana, 37, has been a field worker for nine years at the Don Bosco site in Paraguay. She works closely with nine family circles, 180 sponsored children and 100 families.

PDB1022largeShe was driving to one of these families when she was critically hit by another vehicle. The driver responsible for the accident stopped to help Fabiana while volunteer firefighters arrived and transferred her to the hospital. The doctors ran scans and found that she did not have any fractures. But she was in such intense pain, they ran more tests to find that she had a third-degree sprain (torn ligament). The doctors sent her home with medication to manage the pain.

Eight days later, the pain was worse. So she went to another hospital in the capital city, AsunciĆ³n, where there are trauma specialists and more advanced x-ray technology. The doctors ran the scans and found that she did have a fracture, in her left fibula (lower leg). 

The total budget for her 10-week recovery program is $278.04 CAD, which will take place in the final hospital she attended in AsunciĆ³n. Some of her treatments are covered by national insurance, but her physiotherapy and other rehabilitative needs must be paid out of pocket and are beyond what Fabiana can afford. The Don Bosco site has therefore requested financial assistance so that their colleague can access 10 physiotherapy sessions, a rehabilitative walking boot, and assistance with the transportation costs of 13 roundtrips to Asuncion (10 sessions and three consultations.)

 Funding request: $278.04 CAD 
Critical Need: CN PDB1022

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