Shiny is in grade six and is blessed to have a Chalice sponsor through our Bangalore site in India. Early this summer, 11-year-old Shiny went to her parents saying she had abdominal pain, and she was vomiting.

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses for Shiny, Bangalore, IndiaHer father, David, took her to the hospital where the doctors suspected food poisoning. They sent her home with a 10-day round of gastrointestinal medication. But the pain persisted, and she vomited 3-4 times daily, so she went back to the hospital. X-rays showed kidney stones in both kidneys, requiring immediate removal. She was hospitalized for four days. When she was discharged, she went home with another 15-day round of medication.

When her 15 days were up, she went in for a follow-up appointment. Her scans came out well. Shiny's doctor made several lifestyle recommendations to prevent future stones, such as eating plenty of fruit and regular exercise. Shiny is now back at school, healthy and active.

But her emergency hospitalization has incurred medical bills of $253.00 CAD which includes Shiny's x-rays, ultrasounds, hospitalization, and medicines. Although her parents both work - David is a bookkeeper for the site and his wife is a primary teacher - the parents struggle to meet their children's daily needs and keep up with their town's soaring rent prices. This unexpected expense is a significant hardship for their family. The Bangalore site staff knew of their colleague's family's situation, and therefore requested financial assistance to cover Shiny's medical expenses.

Funds Requested: $253.00 CAD
Critical Need: IBG1022

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