Vijaya is 11 years old and in grade seven. He lives with his mother and older brother Ragavan. The boys lost their father, and so their mother is grateful that a Chalice sponsor helps her afford Vijaya's education and nutrition expenses.

Vijaya had a fall at school in early September. His left hand hurtChalice critical needs - medical expenses for Vijaya, Tamil, India and he could not move it. His mother took him to the hospital, where the x-rays showed multiple fractures to his wrist. He was admitted to the hospital immediately.

Surgeons repaired his wrist the next day and wrapped him in a plaster cast. After two days, Vijaya's doctors sent him home to recover. A month later, he returned for a check-up x-ray, which showed some healing, but the cast had to stay on for awhile yet.

While Vijaya's mother is happy that her son is healing well, his accident has created a hospital bill of $1,450.04 CAD, far beyond her means as a tailor and single mother. The Tamil sponsor site has therefore put forward a request to assist with the hospital charges, which include Vijaya's medicine, dressings, operation fees, and x-rays.

Funding Request: $1,450.04 CAD
Critical Need: CN ITK1022B

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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