Vasudev is a father of two, supporting his family as a restaurant server in a hotel. His daughter Vedika has a Chalice sponsor, which helps Vasudev afford her education.

Chalice critical needs - medical expenses for Vasudev, Goa, IndiaVasudev, 45, was at work when his left leg and toe started to hurt. He went to the hospital, but the doctors didn't see cause for concern. They sent him home with an external ointment. The pain worsened daily, and so after five days he went to another hospital, where the doctor ordered a CT scan. The scan showed blockages (thrombus) in the aortas leading to his kidneys and in his femur.

Vasudev needed an operation immediately. He underwent the surgery a few days after admission and stayed under observation for 15 days. His doctors discharged him and now he's recovering at home. His post-op checks showed good blood flow to his leg and foot. He attends follow-up appointments twice per month.

Vasudev's medical expenses came to $2,387.26 CAD. Even before his illness, this would have been an unmanageable cost. But now Vasudev has been off work for several weeks, and his recovery will continue for several weeks or months longer. The Goa sponsor site staff knows that this will place Vedika and her family in a financially vulnerable situation and has put forward a request to cover the full hospital bills. These funds will cover Vasudev's Angio contrast exam and ECG, diagnostic and procedural charges. It will also cover his ICU stay, doctors' fees,and medicine.

Funding Request: $2,387.26 CAD
Critical Need: CN IGH1122

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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