Funding Request: $3,666.02 CAD

Critical Need: CNGNA0224

Michael, 60, has been ill since 2022, but numerous tests at the hospital were inconclusive.

Micheal's medical, dialysis, Nandom, Ghana

Michael is a pillar of the Nandom, Ghana community. He and his wife have raised their own four children and Michael’s two brothers’ children. He also cares for his aging father. Until he was sick, he worked as support staff at the hospital’s blood collection centre.

When his doctors referred him to another hospital, where he was at last diagnosed with end stage kidney disease, further complicated by moderate anemia. 

He has been receiving extensive treatment for an extended period and is currently undergoing regular dialysis maintenance. His condition is stable, and he undergoes three hemodialysis sessions each week. He is also exploring the possibility of undergoing a kidney transplant after further evaluation.

But the dialysis has exhausted his family’s resources. Michael was the main earner of all his family, and his brothers are subsistence farmers – they cannot help. He and his family are selling property and vehicles to cover his treatment. 

The Nandom sponsor site has therefore requested $3,666.02 CAD to cover his expenses for two months of hemodialysis treatment. The support includes fees for the hemodialysis and medication, consultations, and transportation.

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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