Stories from the Table

Stories from the Table is a podcast produced by Chalice. Join us as we recount the funny, wacky, heartwarming, and sometimes heart-wrenching stories that come from the table of our work in developing countries. Featuring interviews with Chalice's international staff members, volunteers, and other special guests.

May 3 - In this episode, we're welcoming Fr. Leo Patalinghug! He's a speaker, priest, and the headlining chef at Chalice's food and faith event, Love in the Kitchen. He'll be joining us Corpus Christi weekend, June 18-19, as we discover the recipe for holiness. But who is Fr. Leo? And did he really throw down against celebrity chef Bobby Flay? Kathleen and Kate get some answers from the man himself. Register for Love in the Kitchen at

Check out our debut episode, A Priest Goes on Vacation, as we recount the story of how Chalice came to be. Featuring Chalice's founder and president, Fr. Patrick Cosgrove and his friend and Chalice board member, Archbishop Emeritus Martin Currie.

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